Vijayendra Bhati has 13 + years of industry experience in creating Large scale distributed applications using Grid Computing Frameworks like DataSynapse , Distributed Data Grids like Coherence,Apache Ignite, Big data technologies like Apache Hadoop,Apache Spark,Storm, Apache Kafka,ELK, NiFi, CDC tools like Attunity , Web Services (SOAP and REST), JMS , EJBs.He has hands on knowledge around various NoSQL DBs like Cassandra ,HBase, MongoDB , Neo4J etc.

He also has worked upon Big Data over AWS and has sound knowledge of AWS Cloud Computing concepts like EC2, EMR , Kinesis, Security Groups, Dynamo DB, Red Shift, Glue, AWS Data Pipeline, Lambda etc.

He also has worked on some POCs involving Google Cloud Platform and has working knowledge of various PaaS services provided by GCP like Dataflow , PubSub, Big Query, Big Table, Google Cloud Storage etc.

LinkedIn page : https://in.linkedin.com/pub/vijayendra-bhati/17/5b7/a3b

GitHub repository : https://github.com/veejayendraa


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